Remixed Call for Artists – 2017

Remixed (formally Chinatown Remixed) is a month long festival of art and community that takes place in and around businesses in Chinatown and on Somerset St W. Selected artists will be partnered with participating businesses to display art throughout the festival, thus remixing everyday restaurants, shops, cafes, salons, and alleyways into non-traditional art spaces.

The opening celebration/vernissage will take place from during the day on Saturday September 16th – rain or shine. All artists will be expected to be present in their partner business during the opening for a minimum of 2 hours. Thanks to our sponsors and the City of Ottawa, all artists will receive an honorarium for their participation.

This project is organized by the Remixed Collective (RC). We are an volunteer, Ottawa- based not-for-profit art collective, and our mission is to nurture Ottawa’s diverse arts communities. If you have any questions about the submissions process, get in touch via email:

Submissions are due Friday August 25th, 11:59 PM EST

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Chinatown Remixed 2016 MAP

Chinatown Remixed presents 8th annual arts festival on Somerset Street West


2016 festival to feature free kid friendly workshops, free concerts, curated group exhibitions, ChinaDoll and MORE!

Chinatown Remixed Arts Festival
Saturday September 24th – October 29th , 2016

Chinatown Remixed presents its eighth annual arts festival in Ottawa’s Chinatown. This month-long free art festival kicks off with a vernissage day on Sept. 24th and runs until Oct. 29th at various locations on Somerset Street West, between Bay and Preston Streets. Chinatown Remixed features visual art, sculpture and performances presented in unconventional spaces such as restaurants, medical offices, hair salons, grocery stores and alleyways. The festival aims to celebrate the uniqueness of Chinatown, one of Ottawa’s most vibrant neighbourhoods by bringing together both businesses and artists. Some highlights of the festival include: artwork made from old surfboards and burnt cedar by Nate Nettleton at Double Happiness BBQ Shop,  a group collage show by Kristina Corre at Little Latin America, sketches of Chinatown businesses by Colin White on the sidewalks of Chinatown, a collaborative 3D wall piece by three members of the Blink Art Collective. a performance piece by local singer /  songwriter May-Jun Li .

There will be various live performances and Dj’s throughout the vernissage day, 1pm to 6pm in the parking lot of Shanghai Restaurant.


Artist Mique Michelle will be painting live outside Bar Robo.

“We love Remixed!” State ChinaDoll “It’s a wonderful day of local creativity and brings so many diverse people to Chinatown. ”

About the Chinatown Remixed Collective

The Chinatown Remixed Collective is an Ottawa-based not-for-profit art collective working in collaboration with the Somerset Street Chinatown Businesses Community and the City of Ottawa.  Our mission is to strengthen ties between art and business, nurturing Ottawa’s visual and performance artists and vitalizing Chinatown’s entrepreneurial community. For more information, contact, or visit



Twitter: @ChinatownRemix

Instagram: Chinatown Remixed

CHINATOWN REMIXED ART FESTIVAL. Sat. Sept. 24th 1pm – 6pm 2016

Join over 40 local artists and performers as we take over shops, cafe’s, grocery stores and alleyways in one of Ottawa’s most colorful neighborhoods. . . . OTTAWA’S CHINATOWN!   Saturday, September 24th. 1pm – 6pm.

Poster design by local talent Genevieve Betournay.

Graphic design by Kristina Corre.





The CHINATOWN REMIXED COLLECTIVE would like to invite Emerging and Established Artists who are interested in Participating in : CHINATOWN REMIXEDFALL 2016 – A Celebration of Art on Somerset Street West. This event will be our 8th contemporary art festival. Participating artists will be paired with non-traditional spaces such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, alleyways and hair salons along Somerset Street West. This project is organized by the Chinatown Remixed Collective (CRC). The CRC is an Ottawa based not-for-profit art collective. Our mission is to nurture the visual arts community in Ottawa. Thanks to our contributing sponsors & the City of Ottawa, all accepted artists and performers will receive an honorarium.

This event will occur from September 24th – October 29th. Grand openings and Vernissages on  SATURDAY, September 24th 1pm- 6pm 2016

Get inspired by Chinatown : Artwork that the Chinatown Remixed Collective is looking for includes: video, painting, drawing, print, photography, sculpture and performance.

If you would like to participate please send an email with the following information to:



CONTACT (e-mail, phone number, mailing address & website)


ARTIST’S STATEMENT (1-3 clear paragraphs describing the proposed work. Max 200 words)


-3 – 4 PHOTOS of your ARTWORK ( jpeg – Max – 550 – 1024 resolution , Title, Dimensions  & Medium of Artwork)


(e-mail submissions only)

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION is:  Friday, August 5th 2016 12 a.m. (midnight)

Submitted proposals should include 1-3 clear paragraphs describing the proposed work and visual support in the form of 3-4 jpegs that accurately depict your current work. If your proposal is to make brand new work (that is different from your previous works) for Chinatown Remixed, please include visual support, i.e. a sketch or mock up of the proposed work, and a rough idea of how it would fit in a Remixed space.

Thank you to our sponsors and the City of Ottawa.