Chinatown Remixed Art Festival is Ottawa’s one-of-a-kind, month-long celebration of art on Somerset Street West. Also known as Chinatown.

The Chinatown Remixed Collective promotes contemporary art in Ottawa’s Chinatown, a multicultural village with an Asian flavour. We provide alternative spaces to typical gallery venues, giving a platform to artists. Both established artists and emerging artists are encouraged to exhibit. We promote Chinatown’s singular community with its vibrant, eclectic mix of residents, businesses, churches, community centre, health centre and the university college. We adapt to our community’s ever-changing diversity of backgrounds, including Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Korean, Aboriginal, Lebanese, Indian, Romanian, Italian, Ukrainian, Cambodian, Thai and South American. We also promote multiculturalism within the arts, embracing artists of various ethnic roots.

Chinatown Remixed Collective Members

Rossana Rebeccani is co-ordinating our Volunteers & Bling Station. If your interested in Volunteering this year, send her a message: volunteer.ottawachinatownremix@gmail.com




Adrienne Vicente is tirelessly striving to bring together her love of various art initiatives and social service networks to create and empower a harmoniously diverse community. She has worked closely with the Philippine Women Centre in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as a former board member, social justice advocate and coordinator of events. She is a counselor for refugee claimants and a past volunteer for remixed. Adrienne’s Saturday mornings are spent assisting in facilitating workshops on health, multiculturalism, employment to refugee youth. Her Saturday nights are spent serving at Shanghai’s karaoke night and on the mugshots dance floor.

Robert Parungao Since 2012, Robert Parungao has organized and hosted Beats and Boards, a weekly event in Chinatown that mixes board games and live music. As well as Chinatown Remixed, he sits on the board of directors for the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre. In 2007, he co-founded the New Voices Project Collective to document the stories of new Chinese Canadian youth. Over six years, New Voices published a book (The New Voices Project Anthology), organized three different art gallery exhibits in Vancouver and Montreal, and contributed to the documentary, Être chinois au Québec. If you meet him, try to stump him with nerdy pop culture trivia. It won’t happen.

Since its inception, Beth Greenhorn has been a volunteer with Chinatown Remixed Collective. Her involvement has ranged from: jury member, curator, posterer, map distributer, vernissage “roadie” and “barricade babe”.  An art collector, appreciator of creativity and unique things, Beth has happily returned to her Ottawa roots and moved back to Chinatown in the summer of 2012.



Don Kwan was born, raised—& now works—in Ottawa’s Chinatown. As both restaurateur & artist, he’s been keen over the past 20 years on bringing businesses together with the arts community. So it’s no wonder Don is also the founder of—& force behind—Chinatown Remixed Collective. These days, when he’s not Remixing, you can find Don hanging out with all the asian seniors on the #2 bus.




Guest Blogger

Adrian Di Giovanni moved to Ottawa in 2010 by way of Washington, DC, Brooklyn, Kampala, Toronto and his hometown Montreal. He is an international lawyer by training and has worked on various aspects of human rights, law and development over the last 10 years. In his spare time, Adrian loves doing all things creative, like writing and playing music and he even took up watercolours a few years ago after a 20 year absence dating back to childhood.

 Guest Blogger

Julie Cruikshank is a graphic designer, media coordinator, social media expert, visual artist, Chinatown resident, and lover of mermaids. She has been working with festivals for three years, and loves using her social network to bring people and ideas together. Her favourite Chinatown secret is the singing ladies at Plant Bath.



Chinatown Remixed Collective History. 


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Aileen Duncan, Nicole Devlin, Deirdre Gardiner, Felix Troll Hythlodaeus, Geneviéve Bétournay, Andre Gardiner, Kim Moss, Kristina Corre.


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, David Narbaitz, Eliza von Baeyer, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Shirley Fang

2013 :

Don Kwan, May-Jun, Beth Greenhorn, Grace Xin, Jenn Farr, Andrea Stokes, Julie Cruikshank, Shirley Fang.

2012 : 

Don Kwan, Julie Delaney, Cindy Deachman, Cynthia O’Brien, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Andrea Stokes,  Julie Cruikshank,  Shirley Fang.


Don Kwan, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Julie Cruikshank, Julie Delaney, Andrea Stokes, Cynthia O’Brien, Marilyn Warrender.

2010 : 

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Grace Xin, Marilyn Warrender, Tom Evans.

2009/2008 :

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Emily Watkins, Grace Xin, Natasha Beaudin, Pamela Lawler, Tom Evans.,