Chinatown Remixed Art Festival is Ottawa’s one-of-a-kind, month-long celebration of art on Somerset Street West. Also known as Chinatown.

The Chinatown Remixed Collective promotes contemporary art in Ottawa’s Chinatown, a multicultural village with an Asian flavour. We provide alternative spaces to typical gallery venues, giving a platform to artists. Both established artists and emerging artists are encouraged to exhibit. We promote Chinatown’s singular community with its vibrant, eclectic mix of residents, businesses, churches, community centre, health centre and the university college. We adapt to our community’s ever-changing diversity of backgrounds, including Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Korean, Aboriginal, Lebanese, Indian, Romanian, Italian, Ukrainian, Cambodian, Thai and South American. We also promote multiculturalism within the arts, embracing artists of various ethnic roots.

REMIXED Collective Members


Don Kwan, Maya Hum, Aileen Duncan, Genevieve Betournay, Kristina Corre. Yvon Villarceau.


Don Kwan, Maya Hum, Yvon Villarceau, Genevieve Betournay, May-Jun Li, Adrienne Gardner, Nico Davis, Aileen Duncan, Beth Greenhorne, Rossana Rebeccani, Deidre Gardner, Kristina Corre.


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Aileen Duncan, Nicole Devlin, Deirdre Gardiner, Felix Troll Hythlodaeus, Geneviéve Bétournay, Andre Gardiner, Kim Moss, Kristina Corre.


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, David Narbaitz, Eliza von Baeyer, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Shirley Fang

2013 :

Don Kwan, May-Jun, Beth Greenhorn, Grace Xin, Jenn Farr, Andrea Stokes, Julie Cruikshank, Shirley Fang.

2012 : 

Don Kwan, Julie Delaney, Cindy Deachman, Cynthia O’Brien, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Andrea Stokes,  Julie Cruikshank,  Shirley Fang.


Don Kwan, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Julie Cruikshank, Julie Delaney, Andrea Stokes, Cynthia O’Brien, Marilyn Warrender.

2010 : 

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Grace Xin, Marilyn Warrender, Tom Evans.

2009/2008 :

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Emily Watkins, Grace Xin, Natasha Beaudin, Pamela Lawler, Tom Evans.,