Remixed Festival 2017

Are you ready for this one? Celebrating the arts and multiculturalism, the Remixed Festival brings out the sweet spots and amazing artists present in our community.

On September 16th, grab your Remixed Map at festival centres and explore the Chinatown-Centretown neighbourhood’s shops, restaurants, and cafes to meet artists, catch shows, and browse vendor stalls. Stay tuned for a full list of artists and locations!

On the 16th, you can expect a series of activities and shows taking place at the following festival centres:

- Daytime Chinatown restaurant foodcompetitions
- Karaoke with Chinadoll
- Evening screenings by Birling skate shop and One World Film Festival
SOMERSET STREET WEST (between Bay and Percy streets)
- Show tent area with daytime music and activities, followed by evening performances co-produced by Ottawa Showbox
- BIG RIG Brewery Beer Garden in The Art House Café parking lot.
- Kids Zone with colouring, games, rideable animals and face and body painting.
- Vendor Market with kiosks by Revenswing, Ben Woodyard, Tess Giberson, Terra Velta, Gina Emdon, Judith’s Handmade Purses, Kat Fulwider and many more

-Art exhibits and meet and greet with artists in shops, cafes, and restaurants throughout the neighbourhood

This year’s Remixed Bird (the glorious rooster!) by Tom Pajdlhauser. Find @captain_tom on Instagram for more of his art

See you then!

The Remixed Collective would like to thank The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Chinatown BIA for their generous support

Chinatown Remixed 2016 MAP

Chinatown Remixed presents 8th annual arts festival on Somerset Street West


2016 festival to feature free kid friendly workshops, free concerts, curated group exhibitions, ChinaDoll and MORE!

Chinatown Remixed Arts Festival
Saturday September 24th – October 29th , 2016

Chinatown Remixed presents its eighth annual arts festival in Ottawa’s Chinatown. This month-long free art festival kicks off with a vernissage day on Sept. 24th and runs until Oct. 29th at various locations on Somerset Street West, between Bay and Preston Streets. Chinatown Remixed features visual art, sculpture and performances presented in unconventional spaces such as restaurants, medical offices, hair salons, grocery stores and alleyways. The festival aims to celebrate the uniqueness of Chinatown, one of Ottawa’s most vibrant neighbourhoods by bringing together both businesses and artists. Some highlights of the festival include: artwork made from old surfboards and burnt cedar by Nate Nettleton at Double Happiness BBQ Shop,  a group collage show by Kristina Corre at Little Latin America, sketches of Chinatown businesses by Colin White on the sidewalks of Chinatown, a collaborative 3D wall piece by three members of the Blink Art Collective. a performance piece by local singer /  songwriter May-Jun Li .

There will be various live performances and Dj’s throughout the vernissage day, 1pm to 6pm in the parking lot of Shanghai Restaurant.


Artist Mique Michelle will be painting live outside Bar Robo.

“We love Remixed!” State ChinaDoll “It’s a wonderful day of local creativity and brings so many diverse people to Chinatown. ”

About the Chinatown Remixed Collective

The Chinatown Remixed Collective is an Ottawa-based not-for-profit art collective working in collaboration with the Somerset Street Chinatown Businesses Community and the City of Ottawa.  Our mission is to strengthen ties between art and business, nurturing Ottawa’s visual and performance artists and vitalizing Chinatown’s entrepreneurial community. For more information, contact ottawa.chinatown.remixed@gmail.com, or visit www.chinatownremixed.ca


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChinatownRemixed

Twitter: @ChinatownRemix

Instagram: Chinatown Remixed

CHINATOWN REMIXED ART FESTIVAL. Sat. Sept. 24th 1pm – 6pm 2016

Join over 40 local artists and performers as we take over shops, cafe’s, grocery stores and alleyways in one of Ottawa’s most colorful neighborhoods. . . . OTTAWA’S CHINATOWN!   Saturday, September 24th. 1pm – 6pm.

Poster design by local talent Genevieve Betournay.

Graphic design by Kristina Corre.





The CHINATOWN REMIXED COLLECTIVE would like to invite Emerging and Established Artists who are interested in Participating in : CHINATOWN REMIXEDFALL 2016 – A Celebration of Art on Somerset Street West. This event will be our 8th contemporary art festival. Participating artists will be paired with non-traditional spaces such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, alleyways and hair salons along Somerset Street West. This project is organized by the Chinatown Remixed Collective (CRC). The CRC is an Ottawa based not-for-profit art collective. Our mission is to nurture the visual arts community in Ottawa. Thanks to our contributing sponsors & the City of Ottawa, all accepted artists and performers will receive an honorarium.

This event will occur from September 24th – October 29th. Grand openings and Vernissages on  SATURDAY, September 24th 1pm- 6pm 2016

Get inspired by Chinatown : Artwork that the Chinatown Remixed Collective is looking for includes: video, painting, drawing, print, photography, sculpture and performance.

If you would like to participate please send an email with the following information to:




CONTACT (e-mail, phone number, mailing address & website)


ARTIST’S STATEMENT (1-3 clear paragraphs describing the proposed work. Max 200 words)


-3 – 4 PHOTOS of your ARTWORK ( jpeg – Max – 550 – 1024 resolution , Title, Dimensions  & Medium of Artwork)


(e-mail submissions only)

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION is:  Friday, August 5th 2016 12 a.m. (midnight)

Submitted proposals should include 1-3 clear paragraphs describing the proposed work and visual support in the form of 3-4 jpegs that accurately depict your current work. If your proposal is to make brand new work (that is different from your previous works) for Chinatown Remixed, please include visual support, i.e. a sketch or mock up of the proposed work, and a rough idea of how it would fit in a Remixed space.

Thank you to our sponsors and the City of Ottawa.


A weekend of Art (and beer) in Ottawa


Ah, September. It’s that magical time of year where the air is crisp, the leaves are starting to turn, and no-one wants to admit the summer is ending. Denial is more than just a river, folks. One thing I do like about Ottawa in September is the number of festivals that are jammed into those last warm days, which turn into evenings that prompt a familiar nostaliga about ‘sweather weather’.

Next weekend in #Ottcity is a big one. Aside from the first rendition of the rebranded City Folk music festival, there are a series of art-based happenings that should not be missed. Specifically, I’m talking about Chinatown Remixed during the day, and Nuit Blanche at night.

Taking place Saturday September 19, these two art festivals promise to liven the city’s landscape for a day. No longer, are we trembling in the wake of Montreal’s shadow! Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but there is something to be said for revisiting familiar, sometimes ordinary places which have been revitalized by art. That these transformations are temporary is part of the appeal.

Chinatown Remixed

Despite being on the same day, these two art events work in conjunction. Chinatown Remixed, is hosting aCT remixedvernissage (aka a sidewalk party) from 2 to 8 PM near the arch on Somerset W. with art installations, an activity, or a performance at each station. The initial art hunt encourages attendees to go from place to place while filling out a passport, and performances (including local bluegrass talent the Noisy Locomotive) concentrated in the Shanghai Restaurant parking lot after 5 PM. The great thing about this festival is that it’s family-friendly, with a variety of activities suited for explorers of all ages. Also, I’ve heard that obtaining stamps in the festival passport will enter you in a prize to win two Porter airlines tickets anywhere the airline flies.

The Art of Brewing

beer trivaShown here is Beaus Kissmeyer Nordic Ale at a Beer Trivia at Raw Sugar Cafe.

CT Remixed will be tapping into local brewing talents, Beau’s and Whitewater Brewery. While Beau’s haven’t revealed which of their many beers will be on tap, one can count on the Lug Tread lagered ale. The clear and crisp taste suits a variety of palets, and it imparts flavour without any bitterness. This easy drinking beer is sure to please, but the beer nerd in me is hoping to see a sneak preview of some of their Oktoberfest beers, brewed to serve at the annual festival at their brewery in Vankleek Hill. Some of these are created specifically for the event only and only seen once or twice a year, and provide an excellent incentive to make the trip for Oktoberfest.

Whitewater brewery will probably be slinging their Famer’s Daughter blonde ale, and the Whistling Paddler english-style ale. The former is a fun if generic beer, but the later sets itself apart through mild hops and a choclate hued barley flavour. Whitewater also offers a stout that I’ve enjoyed in the past, but I would be surprised to see them offer than on tap.







Nuit Blanche

A big name in the art scene, Nuit Blanche has been curating a buzz since it’s inauguration in Ottawa three years ago. Beginning at dusk and theoretically going until dawn, this year’s festival offers a concentrated version, with more installations in the Byward Market. Stepping away from last year’s model, there won’t be much to see in Westboro/Hintonburg, but I think that’s a good step forward for the festival. Events such as Nuit Blanche require a high amount of foot traffic to organically take over the streets, and this will be better accomplished by placing more people in one area. However, there are some interesting looking pieces in our sister city, Gatineau. Don’t panic, there’s a free shuttle bus.

Deadly Sins

One of my favourite memories from a previous Nuit Blanche was visiting St. Brigid’s Center for the Arts, a building which used to host a Catholic Church but has since been taken over for more worldly pursuits. In this building during Nuit Blanche, I was able to buy AND drink a bottle of beer in a (former) church while checking out the exposition. It was fantastic. While the festival itself is alcohol free, there are plenty of watering holes around the market where you can quench your thirst in between exploring the art. Brothers Beer Bistro offers an impressive selection, and their knowledgeable staff are great for questions.
Wherever you find yourself this coming Saturday, take a moment to appreciate the art in everyday life. Ottawa’s artistic community is stepping up, and I hope to see lot of people out for the fun. If there are any expositions you’re looking forward to at either event, feel free to share in the comments!

Limited Edition Hand Printed Poster by Artist Kristina Corre

Introducing our special edition Chinatown Remixed Phoenix by artist Kristina Corre of goodthingsottawa. Visit our Bling Booth Saturday September 19th 2pm – 8pm in the parking lot of the Shanghai Restaurant & snag your very own hand printed poster!

CHINATOWN REMIXED presents: Seventh annual art festival on Somerset Street West. Sat. Sept. 19th 2-8pm

2015 festival is free to attend and features concerts, kid friendly workshops, curated exhibition spaces and yarn bombing. 

Chinatown Remixed Arts Festival
Saturday September 19th, 2015, Exhibitions on display until October 19th, 2015

Chinatown Remixed presents its seventh annual arts festival in Ottawa’s Chinatown. This month-long, free art festival kicks off with a vernissage day on Saturday September 19th from 2-8pm at various locations on Somerset Street West, between Bay and Bell Streets. Chinatown Remixed features visual art, sculpture and performances presented in unconventional spaces such as restaurants, hair salons, grocery stores and alleyways. The festival aims to celebrate Chinatown, one of Ottawa’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, by bringing together local artistic talent to small businesses. Highly anticipated exhibits include: artwork by Amy Thompson at Pygmalion Spa, Tim Hunt at Raw Sugar Café, a group show by Studio La Mouche at Shanghai Restaurant, sketches of Ottawa Alleyways by Colin White and performances by Scary Bear Soundtrack and Smiley OM YOGA.


 The day-long vernissage is Saturday September 19th from 2pm to 5pm along Somerset Street West with an after-party from 5pm to 8pm in the parking lot of Shanghai Restaurant. Day and evening programming includes visual and performance art, live music, food vendors and free child-friendly workshops. Highlights include a local brewery market in Chinatown where Beau’s Brewery and Whitewater Brewery will be pouring craft beer.

We’re very proud to have Porter Airlines back as our jade sponsor. Pick up one of the Chinatown Remixed Passports or visit our website for a printable copy (www.chinatownremixed.ca). Collect stamps in your passport by exploring the neighbourhood for a chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS anywhere PORTER AIRLINES flies.

Collect stamps by exploring Chinatown through the eyes of over 30 local artists, including: Rachelle Belange, Amy Thompson, Daniel MartelockEmil Majeta and Sarah Doll at Clear Sky Vape Shop. Play Giant Jenga at Monopolatte and stroll down Somerset Street West. Curated art will be installed at  businesses such as: Kowloon Market, Raw Sugar Café, The Daily Grind Café, Possible Worlds and many others.

“We’re really looking forward to Remixed!” say Melanie Yugo and Jason Pelletier who co-run Spins & Needles and now Possible Worlds, a new art space and studio that has opened up in the neighbourhood. “It’s a wonderful showcase of local creativity and brings so many diverse people to Chinatown. We are happy to be participating in the Festival for the first time and share the love of art with our neighbours.”

About the Chinatown Remixed Collective

The Chinatown Remixed Collective is an Ottawa-based not-for-profit art collective working in collaboration with independent Somerset Street businesses.  Our mission is to strengthen ties between art and business, nurturing Ottawa’s visual and performance artists and vitalizing Chinatown’s entrepreneurial community. For more information, contact ottawa.chinatown.remixed@gmail.com, or visit www.chinatownremixed.ca.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChinatownRemixed

Twitter: @ChinatownRemix

Instagram: Chinatown Remixed

Chinatown Remixed kicks off with a bang. Sat. Sept. 19th. 2-8pm

Join us Saturday, September 19th 2pm – 8pm for Ottawa’s one-of-a-kind FREE Art Festival on Somerset Street West. CHINATOWN REMIXED.

Featuring LOCAL ART, PERFORMANCE, FOOD, COMMUNITY & CULTURE in Ottawa’s multicultural village, CHINATOWN.

Enjoy a pint in Chinatown with Beau’s Brewery and Whitewater Brewery in Shanghai Restaurants parking lot.

The Chinatown Remixed Collective are proud to have PORTER AIRLINES as our return sponsor.





instagram: Chinatown Remixed
twitter: ChinatownRemix


Call for Artist Submissions 2015

The CHINATOWN REMIXED COLLECTIVE would like to invite all emerging and established artists to participate in CHINATOWN REMIXED. This will be Chinatown Remixed’s seventh year showcasing art in non-traditional spaces such as: grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, alleyways and hair salons.

This project is organized by the Chinatown Remixed Collective, an Ottawa-based not-for-profit art collective working in collaboration with independent businesses located on Somerset Street West. Our mission is to nurture the arts community in Ottawa.

Artwork selected through this Call for Submissions will be displayed from September 19th until October 19th 2015.

The grand opening of the exhibits, including vernissages and an artist walking tour, will take place on Saturday, September 19th 2pm – 11pm, 2015 at select locations on Somerset Street West.

Artists are invited to submit original artwork to be included in the Chinatown Remixed festival. Submissions are encouraged for programming on September 19th, as well as for display in Somerset West businesses during the festival.

Acceptable mediums include: video, painting, drawing, print, photography, sculpture, music, and performance.

Artists may include up to (4) pieces of artwork within a single submission if they are meant to be displayed together. An artist can submit multiple proposals if the contents are different, for instance a performance piece for September 19th followed by a painting for display in a businesses.

Not able to apply this year, but want to be involved? Why not be a VOLUNTEER! If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact:


 Proposal Submission Instructions

If you would like to participate, please send an email with the following information to:


Deadline for Submissions is: MIDNIGHT Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


CONTACT INFO (e-mail; phone number; mailing address; & website)





 ARTIST’S STATEMENT (Max 200 words describing the proposed work)


SPECIFICATIONS OF THE ARTWORK (title; dimensions; & medium of artwork)


 PHOTOS OF YOUR ARTWORK (jpeg – Max resolution 550 – 1024; 4 photos maximum)




Submitted proposals should include MAX 200 words describing the proposed work, including visual support in the form of 3-4 jpegs of your current work. If your proposal is to create a brand new piece of work (one that is different from your previous works), please include visual support, i.e. a sketch or mock up of the proposed work and a rough idea of how it would fit in a Remixed space. Former participants of Chinatown Remixed exhibits should NOT submit images of past works. Plagiarism of text or visual support materials will be considered inadmissible.

Artists who are successful will be contacted no later than August 1th 2015.



Beau’s Beer Trivia Night at Raw Sugar Cafe

Join us, Monday June 15th. 7pm for a night of BEER TRIVIA at RAW SUGAR CAFE. Lets have fun and fundraise for our Chinatown community art festival. 

Chinatown Remixed UPDATE!

Chinatown Remixed began as an initiative eight years ago to showcase art, music and performance in Ottawa’s Chinatown, but the artistic journey of this month-long art festival is taking a new direction. For a number of reasons relating mostly to vision and mandate and funding. However, these changes didn’t deter the festival organizers in their pursuit to make Ottawa a more creative, exciting place to live! We began planning for an art showcase in September, with the bulk of the budget riding on a grant proposal submitted to the City of Ottawa.

Sadly, Chinatown Remixed was recently informed that our grant application was unsuccessful. Our options were to throw in the towel, or to throw a giant fundraiser. You can probably guess which one we chose.

So, come out to Chinatown PREmixed on June 6, a fundraising party with all proceeds going back into the community! We are relying on the people of Ottawa to help us through a rough patch as we restructure our funding model. The future will bring great things, and while it may look a bit different than the past few years, we are excited to share our festival with you! but only if we can pay the starving artists of today.

PREmixed will feature:
Craft beer from Beau’s, Dominion City and Whitewater Brewery 
Live painting with a silent art auction
Ping-pong tables
Djs spinning all day
Food & Nibbles 
Swag shop for your style needs

June 6, from 2pm-9pm in Shanghai restaurant’s parking lot. NO COVER, donations accepted.
Let’s have some fun in the sun!

What this means for the festival:
Scale: CT Remixed tries to create accessible spaces and low-cost events. In order to continue this, larger-scale events such as last year’s free stage with musicians will not be highly featured in 2015. We are hoping to bring musicians and other exciting acts in future years.

Art on display: The budget for the Call for Submissions will be determined based on the proceeds from our fundraising events. While we anticipate having fewer venues in which to display art, showcasing local artists will continue to be a priority for our budget. The Call for Submissions is expected to launch in June.

DIY: Let’s get crafty! You can expect our family-friendly DIY activities to continue.

Community Driven: This festival is about supporting local art, which comes in many forms. Especially with the financial and in-kind donations we are hoping to bring from people and businesses across the city, we want to make this year’s festival a celebration of renewal and change. If you want to get involved or provide suggestions about what you want to see in the festival, the organizing committee can be reached at  ottawachinatownremixed.com

CHINATOWN PREMIXED. Sat. June 6th 2pm – 9pm

Something missing in your spring social calendar? May usually means Chinatown Remixed, but this year we are switching things up.

Presenting: Chinatown PREmixed!

Let’s have some fun in the summer sun, while raising much-needed funds for the festival to proceed in September. http://chinatownremixed.ca/


* Craft beer & virgin cocktail creations (Beau’s, Dominion City, and Whitewater will be pouring)

* Live painting with a silent art auction

* Ping-pong tables

* DJs spinning all day

* Snacks and small plates

* Swag shop for your style needs

June 6, from 2pm-9pm in Shanghai restaurant’s parking lot. NO COVER, donations accepted.

We are also the official rendezvous point for the Ottawa VELO Vogue bike parade, which will depart at 7pm.

The schedule for live painting will be released in a few weeks.

COMING SOON. . . Stay Tuned!

COMING SOON, big announcements in May. STAY TUNED!

Nature Nocturne celebrates the Lunar New Year, Remixed Style

Once again, the Chinatown Remixed Collective are happy to partner with The Canadian Museum of Nature, Nature Nocturne to Celebrate the Lunar New Year, GOAT is the WORD.  
The 2015 Chinese zodiac symbol of the Goat represents harmony between the Arts & Nature. In true Remixed fashion, we’ll be showcasing a slice of Ottawa’s visual and performing arts.  Chinatown’s one and only ChinaDoll will be hosting Karaoke in an arctic inspired lounge, designed by ChinaDoll herself.

Live painting and video projections by local artists, Stefan Thompson and Stephanie Vezina.  Join over 20 traditional Chinese dancers & musicians in the Whale Room. Their will also be a focus on interactive activities and free workshops. Play Ping Pong in the Castle, Giant Jenga on the fourth floor, fold origami goats with artist Kristina Corre, make your very own life-like paper bird with puppeteer Grant Harding and more. These are just a few of the many activities planned for Nature Nocturne.  Friday, January 23rd. 8pm – midnight.

Join us Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Style at The Canadian Museum of Nature. 240 Mcleod Street.

To purchase tickets visit:  Nature Nocturne Home Page


Mawt Trood and a visual story of Le Hull, the urban and the ugly.

Adrian Di Giovanni, guest blogger

“Behind the wall, in Hull, which is the ugliest town I have seen on the face of this earth, if you look beyond the shadows of the buildings, all you will see are tenements” 

For all you Remixed devotees out there, a bit of urban history, et quelques p’tits mots en français, now that the big opening bash is behind us! 

If there are two things I’ve come to learn about Ottawa as a city in 4+ years of living here, it’s that, one, Ottawa is a diamond in the rough kind of place, and when you find those rare gems you are all the more grateful for it. Two, Ottawa’s true beauty, its heart and soul, lies in its rivers, which the city that fun forgot too often turns its back on. 

The word on our sister city Hull (the Vieux Hull part of Gatineau) has been less forgiving. In the mid-1990s, for those of you who can remember that far back, a Quebec politician caused a minor political storm, when she called Hull the ugliest town on earth, evoking a ramshackle mix of government buildings and tenements. 

To hear local visual artist Mawt Trood describe his upcoming Remixed exhibit, there’s no mistaking the ugly in Hull. Trood’s works, which will be on display at My Sweet Tea, feature a series of illustrations of various storefronts and locales in Vieux Hull. They are places that from the outside Trood affectionately describes as “vraiment ghetto.” Probe a little further though and you’ll see that his fascination with Hull, the urban and the ugly actually goes much deeper. The works are in fact a tribute to that age-old artistic conceit of finding beauty in the ugly, or at least the deeper meaning beneath its brutal façade. Mawt Trood creates his illustrations by hand on computer, using a Viacom tablet and programs he largely taught himself to use. In creating a new series, he usually begins by drawing an aerial grid of a neighbourhood and, from there, creates panoramic illustrations of specific buildings. Visually, the illustrations are an attempt to capture a series of contradictions or balances in contrast. Crooked telephone poles, and a tangle of electric wires evoke a sense of nature or the organic, in the rawest of urban settings. No-stroke lines are used to capture both ’big picture’ panoramic shots, but also the tiny, distinctive details that form a geography. Minimalist colours, 5 or less, and shading are manipulated to create depth.

In seeking to give shine to these otherwise rough locales, Mawt Trood is also driven by a larger sense of history. Behind the drawings are the tender stories of neighbourhoods, the comings and goings of everyday life not apparent from the beaten exteriors, which Trood hopes to capture before they are swept away, for good or bad, by the next wave of gentrification – or as it is more vividly called in French “embourgoisement.” A dumpy looking dépanneur stands in as a community centre, and stocks household items not typically found at a corner store for the residents of the nearby old age home. The cheesy (quétaine) bar where people from all walks of life, young and old, gear up for some good ole-fashioned Karaoke on Friday nights. A stand-alone barbershop. Then there’s the Patate Dorée frites stand, the truest of Quebec institutions – “il n’y a rien de plus québecois que ça” – that, in the 1980s, would dish out free French fries to neighbourhood kids as they wiled away those last afternoon hours playing aimlessly in the streets. 

In Vieux Hull’s case, there is a special urgency to Mawt Trood’s work, as the grid is literally in the process of being redrawn. Less remembered, perhaps, is that in 1969 the federal government committed, within 25 years, to put one quarter of all of government buildings on the Hull side. Some of the shops depicted in Trood’s exhibit have already been expropriated and slated for demolition, to make way for new government buildings or parking lots, as part of a last belated push to meet that target. Mawt Trood draws inspiration, both visually and in subject matter, from a wide variety of illustrated books, that include childhood favourites like Michel Rabagliati’s “Paul à Quebec” and Alain Grée’s “1000 Questions,” period pieces like Miroslav Sasek’s 1960s “This is New York,” and Pascal Blanchet’s throw-back “White Rapids,” the true story of a town that was destroyed to make way for a hydroelectric dam in the Saguenay, and ends with the townspeople throwing the keys to their houses off a bridge into the waters below.

Trood also recommends “Le soleil se lève à l’Est,” a recent documentary on the Hochelaga- Maisonneuve neighbourhood in East-end Montreal. And that’s not mention Piet Mondrian, one of the all-time great grid-smiths and champions of a minimal colour, architectural worldview. 

Special for Remixed, Mawt Trood is also planning four illustrations of Chinatown, featuring Shanghai, Raw Sugar, So Good, and an aerial grid of Chinatown. These are all places that he sees as Chinatown’s heartbeat. Trood was gracious enough to give me a sneak-peak of the Chinatown map, and I can tell you it’s all shaping up nicely. (Actually, my immediate reaction came thanks to my stomach: ‘mmm looks like a Singapore noodle grid.’ What can I say, we were coming on suppertime but, fortunately, my comment was met with laughing approval.) Mawt Trood is especially happy that the Chinatown map will connect up with the earlier one of Vieux Hull, where Booth Street meets the bridge over the river. Talk of Booth Street, naturally, got us onto Lebreton Flats, the most tragic story of gentrification in Ottawa’s history, and possibly its biggest failure to see the beauty in urban life and its many daily stories. (If you don’t know the history, check out this “Fields of Lebreton” clip.)

Next up, Mawt Trood has set his sights on Vanier, the next great frontier for Ottawa hipsters and gentrification and, if you ask me, a diamond in the rough kind of place par excellence. A tour of West Coast cities – Victoria, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego – with two-week stops in each is also on the drawing board for summer 2015…. So stay tuned for more! Mawt Trood was invited to participate by one of Remixed’s guest curators, Zara Ansar. Zara curates/operates the Ottawa Velo Vogue site, and the Plaid Parade. Check out more Mawt Trood originals, including professional graphic design and animation projects at: http://vimeo.com/mawttrood.

Chinatown Remixed Up Close & Personal

Enjoy this short video by Jackpine, featuring Chinatown Remixed participating artist, Claudia Guiterrez. Visit Jadeland Restaurant (number 12 in the Artist Walking Tour Passport) and treat yourself to good food, drinks and fine art!

Don’t forget to get a stamp from Jadeland, Our Porter Airlines Contest continues until June 17th.

Thank You Chinatown!

We want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in our May 17th festivities at Chinatown Remixed 2014. The festival’s success is the result of a collective effort of the artists, guest curators, performers, musicians, djs, workshop instructors, and businesses. 

We are also indebted to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly from dawn to midnight. You all rock! We are grateful for the financial support from our Jade sponsors – Ottawa Chinatown BIA, the City of Ottawa, Porter Airlines, our Pearl sponsor – Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities, our Lotus sponsor – Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, Broadhead Brewing Company and Kelly Funeral Home, our In-kind sponsors – Busy Girl Design, Canadian Red Cross, Evangeline Flowers, Indie*Go, Ottawa School of Art, Showboat, and So Good Restaurant, and our partnerships – Canadian Museum of Nature, HighJinx, My Sweet Tea, Shanghai restaurant and ZenKitchen restaurant.

And, last but not least, a big thank you also goes to the community and the Kids with Cameras who participated in the opening celebrations. 

Chinatown Remixed continues until June 17th. You’ll have a month to visit the 38 art installations in the participating stores, restaurants and other businesses along Somerset Street West. Remember to bring your Chinatown Remixed passport to collect stamps. For every 3 stamps, your name will be entered into the draw for two free tickets anywhere Porter Airlines travels. Check out our web site (chinatownremixed.ca/) for contest rules and to download the Chinatown Remixed Artist Walking Tour Passport. 

Chinatown is a vibrant and wonderful neighbourhood to live, work and hang-out. Without you, there would not be a Chinatown Remixed.


The Chinatown Remixed Collective

Happy Chinatown Remixed Day!

Chinatown Remixed starts today!

Come down to Ottawa’s Chinatown, get inspired, meet your neighbours,  grab a bite to eat, maybe even a bubble tea?

Don’t forget to ENTER our PORTER AIRLINES CONTEST. Print your own passport or better yet, come down and get your very own passport booklet. Gather Stamps, contest ends June 17th. 

Enjoy this short video of participating Chinatown Remixed Artist, Colin White by our pals at JackPine. To see more of Colin Whites artwork, visit Nasa Food Centre, Number 31 in the Passport! 

Share this video and come by Chinatown Remixed!


6th Annual Chinatown Remixed: Jesse Burcsik is lighting up Chinatown!

By Yasmin Nissim

Jesse Burcsik is excited. And you should be too! He has been working with various mixed media for 10 years now and has also been part of several collaborative artistic efforts. Chinatown Remixed, however, will be home to his very first personal vernissage. A passionate and imaginative individual, Jesse is looking to bring together a physical and virtual community experience through “Illuminated Peoples”, a live-art exhibit you can take part in from sundown until 11PM in the Zen Kitchen parking lot.

Billed as the “Letter Project”, I had first thought that this live-art experience would somehow involve writing letters, but it’s much, much bigger than that! Using a variety of colours of LED wiring, 8-foot scaffolding and a lot of batteries, Jesse has individually mounted and illuminated each letter in the word “Chinatown”. The fun part is what he would like people to do with all of these neon-lit characters.

People will be encouraged to take down a letter and walk around Chinatown Remixed, taking pictures with their chosen character and tagging their photos with the appropriate title, which Jesse will provide. While people are out adventuring with their letters, a real-time projection of the photo feed being populated by participants for each individual character will be displayed back at Zen Kitchen. So even if one of the letters is off on a walk, the space it occupies will have an awesome projection of its journey.  Jesse has partnered with Matt Cameron for this portion of the project. 

Jesse’s goal is to help people see that they are part of a larger community than they may realize. By bringing people together both online and in the physical world through their participation in this project, he’s hoping to encourage them to forge new connections, while unifying the networks and links they already share.

There is an underlying social message inherent in Jesse’s project that touches on the way people interact with each other and the importance of social media and technology to these relationships. But this is also a fun experience that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of art, and it’s accessible to anyone interested in participating. This is one of the best parts of Chinatown Remixed and live-art experiences such as Jesse’s: you aren’t just observing the art, you’re part of it!


Mobile photography abound at Chinatown Remixed: An interview with Mink Williams of Instagrammers Ottawa’s

By Adria May

You may have seen a certain character who walks about Ottawa’s Chinatown with a mobile phone, snapping pictures, playing with filters. He has a certain effortless cool, even when snapping pictures of neighbourhood kittens. His name is Mink Williams, and he is one of the founders of the Instagrammers Group in Ottawa (@igersOttawa). In case you’re a luddite, Instagram is a social media application for smart phones which allows users to share photos in real-time and pick fancy filters with an effect that resembles lomography. Worldwide, there are some 200 million monthly active Instagram users, with an average of 60 million photos shared a day. In Ottawa, there are many Instagram enthusiasts, with over 1,000 followers in the @igersottawa group.

 The ninth worldwide Instagram meet-up will take place on May 17, the same day as Chinatown Remixed. Instagrammers Ottawa is hosting a meeting-up that will start at the Chinatown Gate at Somerset and Bronson at 1:00 p.m. followed by a tour of the festival. The meet-up limited to 30 people (message @minkwilliams on Instagram for more info). In worldwide meet-ups, Instagram groups from various cities gather and go on photo assignments. Once the photos are posted, you will be able to find at by searching the hastag #chinatown613meet.

I asked Mink about how he came to know and love Instagram:

How did you discover Instagram?  I saw a filtered photo on Facebook, I thought it was neat, then I bought an Iphone. This was a 2.5 years back – I ended up following people on Instagram in different cities like San Francisco, and they were following me and I started commenting and then it just grew from there.

How was @igersottawa formed?  I was seeing these meets happen in other cities like San Diego and Toronto. People came to me and asked if I would put together an Instameet because I was friendly and into Instagram and I ended up partnering with fellow Ottawa Instagrammer Craig Barlowe. We contacted the Igers global group and got a logo and set up an account.

Our first Instameet was on October 27, 2012. Participants did a walking tour which included the canal and war monument.

What has been most surprising to you about the instameets?

I’m surprised by the diversity of people who come out and the friendships that are formed. They connect through a common interest in creativity. Now people are meeting separately and going on their own photo walks.

 You can follow Mink at @minkwilliams and Instagrammers Ottawa at @igersottawa

Introducing our 2014 Passport & Contest

Enter for a chance to WIN 2 round trip tickets, anywhere PORTER AIRLINES travels. Visit any participating Chinatown Remixed Exhibition Venue and get a STAMP! 

For every 3 stamps you collect, you get your name added into the contest.

Cut off the facing page in the passport and submit it to any of these locations: Monopolatte, Highjinx, Shanghai Restaurant, Raw Sugar Café, Phuket Royal Restaurnat, Purple Urchin or My Sweet Tea before June 17th, 2014.

Click on the Maps below and DOWNLOAD your own Chinatown Remixed Artist Walking Tour Passport. You can also drop by any of the participating businesses in Chinatown for your VERY OWN CTRemixed Passport booklet.

Explore Chinatown, get inspired, gather stamps and ENTER our CONTEST for a chance to WIN 2 FREE tickets anywhere PORTER AIRLINES travels! Contest begins this SATURDAY, May 17th!!!

Click on the Maps below and DOWNLOAD your own Chinatown Remixed Artist Walking Tour Passport. You can also drop by any of the participating businesses in Chinatown for your VERY OWN CTRemixed Passport booklet. Explore Chinatown, get inspired, gather stamps and ENTER our CONTEST for a chance to WIN 2 FREE tickets anywhere PORTER AIRLINES travels! Contest begins this SATURDAY, May 17th!!!

The Hunt is on in Chinatown

Blog post by Steven Artelle

Kristina Corre is all about making Ottawa’s arts scene more visible—by hiding it. But before you scour the city for hidden creations by Corre and her fellow artists, the wild things of the Amazing Art Hunt will be corralled for a time in Chinatown.  In this evolving Remixed exhibition at In-TAC Accounting & Taxation Services (725-205 Somerset St. W.), works will be on display for one week, and then Corre will set the pieces loose in neighbourhoods throughout Ottawa, all part of her energetic promotion of local talent, which she also champions on her #goodthingsottawa blog: http://goodthingsottawa.ca/

Until the end of Chinatown Remixed, anyone interested in contributing a panel to Corre’s project can visit awesomearthunt.tumblr.com/artists

Here are Corre’s thoughts on concentrating all that creative energy in Chinatown:

Tell me about your Chinatown Remixed project.

The Awesome Art Hunt is a project funded by an Awesome Ottawa awards grant.  The project’s tagline is that “good art shouldn’t be hard to find,” and so along with a bunch of talented friends, and practising local artists and makers, I’m going to be making 115 pieces of original art and hiding them around Ottawa.  Chinatown Remixed will be the base for seeing the pieces and finding out about the contributing artists before the work is hidden throughout the city.

How did you get involved in the festival?

Adrienne Vicente, one of the festival committee members introduced herself to me at an Artistic Showcase. It turned out we both had a lot of creative ideas to bounce off each other, as we’re both very interested in community initiatives and the arts.  A couple days after the Showcase we met at the Shanghai Restaurant to share ideas, she introduced me to Don Kwan, and they both good-heartedly peer pressured me to submit a proposal. 

The original proposal that got me accepted to the festival is actually quite different from the Art Hunt.  I proposed a project where I would photograph the neighbourhood’s restaurant owners at work in their kitchens, but by the time I tried to get the project started the Chinatown collective members that I reached out to were already crazy busy trying to co-ordinate the festival.  It was a matter of amazing timing that my Awesome Ottawa award was announced as I was trying to co-ordinate this, so I mentioned the Art Hunt as Plan B and they gave me the go ahead to run with it.

Do you have any other creative connections to Chinatown?

I don’t yet, but one of the reasons I’m looking forward to opening day at Chinatown Remixed is the opportunity to meet all the artists, event organizers, and business owners who are interested in creating beautiful, symbiotic relationships between arts and the life of the city.

Have you checked out the venue for your work? How do you think your work will transform or interact with that space?

It’s the 1970’s-ish looking brown brick building beside the Greek church, and my affiliated business (In-TAC Accounting & Taxation Services, 725-205 Somerset St. W.) is a small, busy accounting office accessed by a side door at the end of a hallway on the building’s second floor.  I have found possibilities on the building’s exterior for me to display work during the opening day celebrations.  Part of the charm of Chinatown Remixed is that art is displayed in unusual spaces.  The long hallway and second floor location of my affiliated business actually encourage a more Easter-egg like approach to how I display the Art Hunt Gallery for the long-term duration of the festival.

You have a city-wide art project in the works. How does your Chinatown Remixed show fit into the big picture?

Remixed will provide a base venue for people to check out all of the pieces and learn about the awesome contributing artists before the pieces go out into the world.  The plan is to have a rotating collection on display, so that each piece will be shown in the building for a week or so before being hidden throughout Ottawa by either myself or the artist.  It’s awesome that the festival, which uses art to promote this one neighbourhood, gets to be the base for a project that intends to do the same at the bigger scale of the city.


Artist Spotlight, BUCKO.

Blog post by Robert Parungao

As the Chinatown Remixed Art Festival inches closer and closer, we are excited to showcase some of the upcoming artists who will be participating in our festival. This week, Chris Binkowski, otherwise known by his artist name, Bucko.

Chris has been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy since he was two, but this has not hampered his creative spirit. Rather he found that limitations promote creativity. Working primarily in acrylic painting, he has participated in local arts and craft fairs and held a successful Kickstarter campaign to support his art.

Alongside his acrylic painting, Chris also performs electro/experimental art, anywhere from busking on the street, to opening shows. Further, he recently received a grant from Just Change to support his not for profit organization, Accessiblity for Humanity creating low-cost wheelchair ramps for small businesses.

At Chinatown Remixed, Chris will be roaming up and down Somerset Street performing his sound art, be sure to catch him on May 17th! Hope to see you there!