Here we are. AGAIN. So watch out.

During the few weeks leading up to our GRAND OPENING on May 12th, we’ll be telling stories of the many people who are making our Chinatown REMIXED happen. Such an amazing art festival it’s become, hasn’t it? And in such a short time—our 4th year now.

Today, we start with artist Wei Zheng who designed our fab poster, invitation and map. Here’s the poster.

Design: Wei Zheng





Look… do you see an Asian temple? Can you spy a tiny Thai girl wearing a traditional headdress? A unicorn? A dragon? Like a Salvador Dalí painting, Wei Zheng’s image is filled with many humorous and hidden secrets.

“I mixed up lots of interesting graphics,” she explains,“to give everyone all the good things they yearn for―happiness, family, spring. And all these things are appearing from out of a girl’s hair!”

For Wei Zheng, a third-year Algonquin College student and artist, the hook-up with Chinatown’s art festival happened utterly by chance. Out of 75 envelopes containing project requests by various organizations, all first sussed out by Algonquin’s School of Media & Design, Wei randomly chose one: from Chinatown REMIXED.

A perfect match, we think. All the good things everyone yearns for.


Check out more of Wei Zheng’s work. (Here’s another secret of Wei’s. She made the Z logo for her website with a potato print.)

Hey, also — if you’d care to tack posters around a neighbourhood or two, please get in touch with us at: We’re here.