Some Assembly Required…

Empress Avenue, simply begging for some action — well, she’ll have to wait until May 12th.
Image courtesy of Google Street View.

Here we are, at the corner of Empress Avenue and Somerset Street West. Doesn’t look like much now, right? But on Saturday May 12th, this will be the bustling HQ of Chinatown Remixed! Nowhere else in this fine city will you find the Burundian Messenger Sacred Drums, the Success Lion Dance Troupe, and Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers - all on one stage. Juno-nominated DJ Rise Ashen with his crew of dancers, as well as the Ottawa Sui Yi Multicultural Arts Academy & the Jiahua Arts Troupe will definitely get the street bumpin’.


Oh, and did we mention life-size “remote control” robots at the Dalhousie Community Centre? We have them, too.

Hours before the party, Morris Rothman, our volunteer Stage Manager, will be dashing up and down Empress Avenue (which we’ll close to motor traffic).

The Latest Artists get their robot on!

Morris will also be there taping down electrical cords, erecting tents, and setting up barricades.
The guy’s talented, but only has two hands, and sure could use some help.

Other gigs on May 12th include pumping up balloons, getting your creative ya-yas out  chalk-drawing sidewalks, picking up or dropping off equipment, and handing out maps along the festival route. In exchange for your volunteer sweat, we’ll give you a FREE Chinatown Remixed TOTE BAG plus an INVITATION to our Opening Day after-party.

If you would like to volunteer an hour or two (or more!) of your time to this artistic whirlwind in Chinatown, click here to get involved.

By the way, that’s Morris below at last year’s Remixed, grinning just before he scarfed down a few tasty bits of artist Greta Grip’s knitted food. He was later brought to hospital for yarn extraction. Well, how was he to know?

Morris in ‘say cheese’ mode only minutes before his meal. “Don’t know how Greta did it, but that knit food of hers sure tasted great!” he was heard to say after the escapade.