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It’s such a great feeling getting your ducks (or should we say pigeons) in a row.

Chinatown Remixed Collective (CRC) is excited to introduce our 2013 Festival poster. The idea to ask artist Guillermo Trejo to design this year’s poster dawned on us in May 2012 after seeing his hand printed works of Mexican wrestlers in full on attack with the texts BBQ PORK vs. BBQ DUCK at the Wah Kiu grocery store.

An accomplished artist & printmaking instructor at the Ottawa School of Art, Guillermo has exhibited his work in Chinatown Remixed since it began 5 years ago. Inspired by our bird logo, as well as by Chinatown, he decided to use the well-known centre town bird, the ubiquitous pigeon.

With the help of Algonquin Media & Design student, YuJu Lin, we have created two types of posters. The first features 100 limited edition hand crafted prints using old fashioned machinery – cranks, wheels and ink on paper – that will no doubt become a collectible. For the second, YuJu has created a funky digitized version providing the festival details – dates, sponsors, the website, etc. We’re delighted how she was able to simulate Guillermo’s hand crafted look with such precision, not to mention that she even managed to make the paper look old and crinkled!

Besides the posters, the CRC’s trademark bird has had a makeover. Thanks to graphic designers YuJu Lin & Lana Bateman, our old bird now has a new bubbly personality! Check out the banner on our website. 

For more information on our designers, visit their websites:

Guillermo Trejo:

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