Timothy Hunt on Chinatown Remixed 2012: Sorting things out


We’re so thrilled to present our very first guest blogger, Timothy Hunt, a Chinatown Remixed artist who, once in a while, seems to have some fun. Timothy collects “junk” and works his priceless parts (!) into masks. Here, he takes us through the process of pulling everything together into one coherent work. Although Tim’s take is unique—a recognizable object assembled from cast-offs, his process is not so different from any other artist worth his salt.

Thanks for letting us re-use your blog, Timothy. Now, here’s the man himself:


“I’m very pleased to have been selected to participate in this year’s Chinatown Remixed. I have been paired up with the award winning Zen Kitchen, home restaurant of Dave and Caroline of The Restaurant Adventures of Dave and Caroline which aired on the W network. My work will be on exhibit for 3 months starting on May 12th for the opening of the festival.[This three-month exhibition period is longer than the usual for the Chinatown Remixed: most shows will be up for one month until June 12th .

“With Chinatown Reimixed coming up, I have been hunting and gathering and sorting through my materials for my show at Zen Kitchen, May 12.


“I am working on a series of tribal masks for urban culture and in order to get the creative juices flowing, I need a critical mass of objects to draw from.


“Once I have the items sorted into somewhat recognizable categories I can begin to lay things out and start to piece them together.


“The masks change a lot during this process; objects gravitate to one another, grouping together by size, colour, shape and texture. Once a piece feels “right”, it is time to drill, screw, rivet, solder and wire things together.”




See more on Timothy Hunt’s blog.

more to come . . .