let’s do it again

Here’s Marisa Gallemit, guest-blogger for Chinatown REMIXED, reporting the trials, tribulations and . . . satisfactions of making her kind of art with a rather unusual material:


it’s may again and that means:
mother’s day (gifts and flowers please)
Chinatown Remixed!

consider yourselves cordially invited.

i will be posted at HighJinx – a wonderful second-hand furniture shop – my works will hang in the picture window facing Somerset Street West. the lovely and talented Natalie Fournier will be just out front with her special brand of thought-provoking and visually arresting performance art.

i’m working with white zip-ties this time around – and attempting to capture the essence of deep sea creatures, phosphorescence, fluidity. this material means murder for my fingertips – endless burns and cuts, like paper cuts but worse – but i seem to love the challenge of pieces that involve repetitive, labour-intensive construction.

sneak peek:




so, again:
Saturday, May 12th 130-5pm
Somerset Street West
over 40 artists of all disciplines
40 local venues
music, arts, community, vittles, bubble tea and sunshine (fingers crossed)

Watch for Marisa’s video interview with Ottawa Sun entertainment columnist Denis Armstrong, Thursday May 10th. Online edition.

Web unvirtual gone viral

A thin, drawn woman of about 40 walks along Somerset Street West one morning, her face hard-set against the approaching workday. But when she meets her two co-workers at the door of the hair salon, she grins almost maniacally as the gossiping that will carry them through their day begins.

Their laughter grabs the attention of a deliveryman two doors down, who pauses from his pallets of lemons and oyster sauce long enough to light a cigarette. A sign in a window across the street advertises Vietnamese subs, and he wonders if today might be the day he finally tries one. He looks at his watch and tells himself probably not; who knows where in the city he’ll be by lunchtime?

Fiona Mantha barely notices the deliveryman as she enters the Kowloon Market to get onions, but the twentysomething woman also looks at her watch. She has already picked up some cumin and garam marsala fron the India Grocery Store near Bronson, and calculates that she’ll have more than enough time to stop on her way home at Raw Sugar Café for a cup of tea with owner Nadia Kharyati. She wants to give Nadia her recipe for curry soup. “It’s cheap, healthy and delicious,” she says.

Raw Sugar is right by Chinatown’s Royal Arch, and all the ingredients Nadia needs for the soup are close at hand—spices from Nasa Food Centre down at Booth; canned tomatoes and chick peas from Shiraz, the Persian grocery store at the corner of Percy. She’ll add her own touch to the soup with some coconut milk from Kowloon; the clerk there recommends the Aroy-D tetrapak, and so Nadia gives it a try.

The warming soup quickly becomes a popular and comforting favourite on Raw Sugar’s menu. The deliveryman sitting at a small table wonders briefly why he’s never been in before to try it, but he has little time for such thoughts: he looks at his watch as he gets up to leave. With any luck he’ll be done his deliveries by five. On his way out he passes three women in white smocks by the large, bright front window, drinking jasmine tea and chattering all at once. He thinks their laughter sounds faintly familiar.

Fiona Mantha (pic by Cindy Deachman)

When in Chinatown, you typically make a beeline for your favourite pho joint or bonsai shop, never giving a thought to the inner workings of this quarter. Next time, though, slow to a saunter and look and listen for the stories. One affects the next, and your interaction with the waitress at the bubble tea restaurant or the grocery clerk will echo and reverberate with thousands of others through this tight neighbourhood to create a larger story.

Fiona now works alongside Nadia at Raw Sugar. This is the way a neighbourhood grows.


Over the run of Chinatown Remixed, the café is showing the large-format pointillist portraits by  James Brummel, while Erika Struck hangs her black-and-white photos of wood at Shiraz.

Whimsical—and lately, darker—illustrations by painter Daniel Martelock can be found at Kowloon Market. Daniel will also be conducting a painting performance outside on the grand opening day, May 12. He’s all for audience participation, too—now’s the time to clean your old paintbrushes.

Puppeteer & filmmaker Grant Harding explores the tension between who we think we are and who we really are at the Nasa Food Centre. Meanwhile, visit the vividly-coloured abstract expressionist paintings  from Shannon Willmott at the India Grocery Store.


Timothy Hunt on Chinatown Remixed 2012: Sorting things out


We’re so thrilled to present our very first guest blogger, Timothy Hunt, a Chinatown Remixed artist who, once in a while, seems to have some fun. Timothy collects “junk” and works his priceless parts (!) into masks. Here, he takes us through the process of pulling everything together into one coherent work. Although Tim’s take is unique—a recognizable object assembled from cast-offs, his process is not so different from any other artist worth his salt.

Thanks for letting us re-use your blog, Timothy. Now, here’s the man himself:


“I’m very pleased to have been selected to participate in this year’s Chinatown Remixed. I have been paired up with the award winning Zen Kitchen, home restaurant of Dave and Caroline of The Restaurant Adventures of Dave and Caroline which aired on the W network. My work will be on exhibit for 3 months starting on May 12th for the opening of the festival.[This three-month exhibition period is longer than the usual for the Chinatown Remixed: most shows will be up for one month until June 12th .

“With Chinatown Reimixed coming up, I have been hunting and gathering and sorting through my materials for my show at Zen Kitchen, May 12.


“I am working on a series of tribal masks for urban culture and in order to get the creative juices flowing, I need a critical mass of objects to draw from.


“Once I have the items sorted into somewhat recognizable categories I can begin to lay things out and start to piece them together.


“The masks change a lot during this process; objects gravitate to one another, grouping together by size, colour, shape and texture. Once a piece feels “right”, it is time to drill, screw, rivet, solder and wire things together.”




See more on Timothy Hunt’s blog.

more to come . . .

Some Assembly Required…

Empress Avenue, simply begging for some action — well, she’ll have to wait until May 12th.
Image courtesy of Google Street View.

Here we are, at the corner of Empress Avenue and Somerset Street West. Doesn’t look like much now, right? But on Saturday May 12th, this will be the bustling HQ of Chinatown Remixed! Nowhere else in this fine city will you find the Burundian Messenger Sacred Drums, the Success Lion Dance Troupe, and Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers - all on one stage. Juno-nominated DJ Rise Ashen with his crew of dancers, as well as the Ottawa Sui Yi Multicultural Arts Academy & the Jiahua Arts Troupe will definitely get the street bumpin’.


Oh, and did we mention life-size “remote control” robots at the Dalhousie Community Centre? We have them, too.

Hours before the party, Morris Rothman, our volunteer Stage Manager, will be dashing up and down Empress Avenue (which we’ll close to motor traffic).

The Latest Artists get their robot on!

Morris will also be there taping down electrical cords, erecting tents, and setting up barricades.
The guy’s talented, but only has two hands, and sure could use some help.

Other gigs on May 12th include pumping up balloons, getting your creative ya-yas out  chalk-drawing sidewalks, picking up or dropping off equipment, and handing out maps along the festival route. In exchange for your volunteer sweat, we’ll give you a FREE Chinatown Remixed TOTE BAG plus an INVITATION to our Opening Day after-party.

If you would like to volunteer an hour or two (or more!) of your time to this artistic whirlwind in Chinatown, click here to get involved.

By the way, that’s Morris below at last year’s Remixed, grinning just before he scarfed down a few tasty bits of artist Greta Grip’s knitted food. He was later brought to hospital for yarn extraction. Well, how was he to know?

Morris in ‘say cheese’ mode only minutes before his meal. “Don’t know how Greta did it, but that knit food of hers sure tasted great!” he was heard to say after the escapade.

Here we are. AGAIN. So watch out.

During the few weeks leading up to our GRAND OPENING on May 12th, we’ll be telling stories of the many people who are making our Chinatown REMIXED happen. Such an amazing art festival it’s become, hasn’t it? And in such a short time—our 4th year now.

Today, we start with artist Wei Zheng who designed our fab poster, invitation and map. Here’s the poster.

Design: Wei Zheng





Look… do you see an Asian temple? Can you spy a tiny Thai girl wearing a traditional headdress? A unicorn? A dragon? Like a Salvador Dalí painting, Wei Zheng’s image is filled with many humorous and hidden secrets.

“I mixed up lots of interesting graphics,” she explains,“to give everyone all the good things they yearn for―happiness, family, spring. And all these things are appearing from out of a girl’s hair!”

For Wei Zheng, a third-year Algonquin College student and artist, the hook-up with Chinatown’s art festival happened utterly by chance. Out of 75 envelopes containing project requests by various organizations, all first sussed out by Algonquin’s School of Media & Design, Wei randomly chose one: from Chinatown REMIXED.

A perfect match, we think. All the good things everyone yearns for.


Check out more of Wei Zheng’s work. (Here’s another secret of Wei’s. She made the Z logo for her website with a potato print.)

Hey, also — if you’d care to tack posters around a neighbourhood or two, please get in touch with us at: ottawa.chinatown.remixed@gmail.com. We’re here.

Art Passport

Chinatown Remixed Printable Map 2016






Chinatown Remixed runs on volunteer power. Without our volunteers, we simply wouldn’t exist. Like to help out with this year’s festival? Please contact us at:


In exchange, we’ll give you fashionable Chinatown Remixed bling. How about that?

Volunteer In Advance: TALK UP this one-of-a-kind ART Festival/TAPE posters around
town in early May/TWEET about us/FRIEND US on Facebook

Volunteer On Opening Day:
 SET UP tents/BLOW UP balloons/PICK UP tables & chairs/
SELL Remixed bling /HAND OUT maps/TEAR DOWN tents/RETURN equipment



Chinatown Remixed Art Festival is Ottawa’s one-of-a-kind, month-long celebration of art on Somerset Street West. Also known as Chinatown.

The Chinatown Remixed Collective promotes contemporary art in Ottawa’s Chinatown, a multicultural village with an Asian flavour. We provide alternative spaces to typical gallery venues, giving a platform to artists. Both established artists and emerging artists are encouraged to exhibit. We promote Chinatown’s singular community with its vibrant, eclectic mix of residents, businesses, churches, community centre, health centre and the university college. We adapt to our community’s ever-changing diversity of backgrounds, including Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Korean, Aboriginal, Lebanese, Indian, Romanian, Italian, Ukrainian, Cambodian, Thai and South American. We also promote multiculturalism within the arts, embracing artists of various ethnic roots.

Chinatown Remixed Collective Members


Don Kwan, Maya Hum, Yvon Villarceau, Genevieve Betournay, May-Jun Li, Adrienne Gardner, Nico Davis, Aileen Duncan, Beth Greenhorne, Rossana Rebeccani, Deidre Gardner, Kristina Corre.


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Aileen Duncan, Nicole Devlin, Deirdre Gardiner, Felix Troll Hythlodaeus, Geneviéve Bétournay, Andre Gardiner, Kim Moss, Kristina Corre.


Don Kwan, Adrienne Vicente, Beth Greenhorn, David Narbaitz, Eliza von Baeyer, Robert Parungao, Rossana Rebeccani, Shirley Fang

2013 :

Don Kwan, May-Jun, Beth Greenhorn, Grace Xin, Jenn Farr, Andrea Stokes, Julie Cruikshank, Shirley Fang.

2012 : 

Don Kwan, Julie Delaney, Cindy Deachman, Cynthia O’Brien, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Andrea Stokes,  Julie Cruikshank,  Shirley Fang.


Don Kwan, Deborah Margo, Grace Xin, Julie Cruikshank, Julie Delaney, Andrea Stokes, Cynthia O’Brien, Marilyn Warrender.

2010 : 

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Grace Xin, Marilyn Warrender, Tom Evans.

2009/2008 :

Don Kwan, Cynthia O’Brien, Emily Watkins, Grace Xin, Natasha Beaudin, Pamela Lawler, Tom Evans.,  



Sponsors & Supporters 










Artists & Venue


#1. UMI CAFE // Florence Yee

Florence Yee is a Montreal-based artist that has recently finished a 4-month residency at the Ottawa School of Art. She now studies at Concordia University for a BFA in Painting & Drawing. As an Asian-Canadian, she is acutely aware of being an Other within this culture, and thus makes artwork to counter stereotypes.


#2. CLEAR SKY VAPE // Studio La Mouche Group Show




The ‘Partners in Grime’ exhibition will feature artwork by Kurt Walther, an Ottawa based artist who works primarily with acrylics, pen and ink and markers on paper or bristol. Kurt creates unique textures by using natural elements such as puddles of water, dirt and dried grass in his techniques. In his mixed media pieces you will often find bright colours and prints from the various printing blocks he has created.

Another local artist taking part in this exhibition is Ben van D, a graphic designer whose illustrations have been described as coarse and vulgar, with their sinewy lines. Drawing for the most part in pen and ink, Ben will often use digital manipulation to bring high contrast and bright colours to his grotesque characters.

Ottawa artist Andrea Warren is the third artist on the roster for this exhibition. Her vibrant paintings possess incredible texture and layers upon layers of vivid colours. A master of all things acrylic and colour mixing, Andrea’s abstract canvas pieces and monoprint composites capture and captivate all who lay their eyes on them.


#3. KOREAN PALACE  // Tracy Dransdield






I paint dynamic watercolour streetscapes that capture the nature of the city they are set in. My submission would consist of a number of new paintings of scenes from around Chinatown and area as well a few selected pieces from my existing work. New work would be of a similar style and feel to the examples provided.


#4. DUMPLING SHOP // Samantha Clausiau Lawlor






Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor is an Ottawa based graphic designer whose art is inspired by fashion, feminism, and female empowerment. With her digital art, Samantha merges the arbitrary fashion world with body diversity to create meaningful conversations. In doing so, she hopes to honour and represent women from all walks of life.


#6. SHANGHAI // Francois Cambe






François Cambe was born in the South of France in 1980. Professionally trained in wrought iron work, bronze foundry, ornamental wood carving, and with a BA from the Superior School of Applied Arts, in Lyon, François Cambe knows how to use almost any tool and work with any medium. For his most recent sculptures and installations, however, François decided to leave the majority of his tools behind and work with the least possible: With his hands, a pair of scissors and tape; he mixes textile, cardboard, plastic bags, leaves, and likes to twist objects from their practical functionality. François Cambe has lived in France, Ecuador, and Uruguay where he has had several solo exhibits, and is currently residing in Ottawa, Canada.


#6. SHANGHAI // Nature Group Show

Title: Nature Nurture – Ottawa Female Illustrators Show
Artists: Clare Brebner, May Greyfrost, Natalie Roy, and Grace Scorrar
Curator: Maya Hum

Clare Brebner, Mae Greyfrost, Natalie Roy, and Grace Scorror are four local female illustrators. In their beautifully detailed works, one can sense their calling to work in themes of nature and nurture. A mixture of paintings, traditional prints, and digital artworks will be on display.

Artist bios:

Clare Brebner is an Ottawa-based visual artist and arts instructor. She received her BFA from the University of Ottawa, and has shown work in Canada and the United States.
Email: brebner.clare@gmail.com Website: clarebrebner.wordpress.com

Mae Greyfrost is a local autistic artist who found her greatest inspiration through motherhood. She is a self-taught illustrator and watercolorists, with an academic background studying animation at Algonquin College.
Email: iamthebluefairy@hotmail.com facebook: facebook.com/Mermama Instagram: @MaeGreyfrost

Natalie Roy is an Ottawa-based artist who has lived in Toronto, Yellowknife and Iqaluit. Her work explores mythology, nature, life, death, isolation, acceptance, alienation and organic designs. Natalie has an academic background in Geology, Fine Arts, and currently is studying comics at Université du Québec.
Email: natalie.roy.art@gmail.com Website: seulementdupapier.blogspot.ca

Grace Scorrar, born and raised in Ottawa, is often inspired by nature, folk art, and coffee. She holds an Honours degree in Studio Art from the University of Guelph as well as a Graduate Diploma in Professional Illustration from Algonquin College
Email: grace.scorrar@gmail.com


#6. SHANGHAI // The Great Crate Show – Group Exbibition










The Great Crate Show – Group exhibition curated by Don Kwan

A select group of local artists are invited by Don Kwan to re-invent & re-design the crates he builds. Come by the Shanghai Parking Lot and view all the crates side by side.

participating artists include:

Dan Martelock

Justy Dennis

Guillermo Trejo

Claudia Gutierrez

Greta Grip

Eliza Von Beyer

Collin White

John Cap

Rob Friday

Maya Hum

Genevieve Betournay


#7. MAGIC OF PAIN // Valderngrave Okumo






Valdengrave Okumu is a self-taught artist specializing in graphite and charcoal drawings and acrylic paintings depicting human beings, nature in a unique artistic mood. He has collections of his work around the world and has completed several major commission works. His inspiration for his work can originate from something tangible, an event, or even other works of art and literature. His fascination with nature inspires him to incorporate its elements into his paintings. Through his art, he hopes to inspire, evoke criticism and delve into the unknown.


#8. ORIENTAL CHARM GIFT SHOP // Jacqueline Milner






Core values of family and reverence for “the circle of life” are the subjects that inspire me and are anchored in my work. Expect images, photographic, painted or mixed media, to sing and mirror the vital role that family, and our extended family – our living earth – play in our lives.


#9. BAR BOBO // Mique Michelle Live Painting








#10. POSSIBLE WORLDS // Caitlin Mcdonogh






Possible Worlds presents the illustrated works of British Columbia visual artist Caitlin McDonagh in Fabulous Beasts.

Inspired by bestiaries of the past, McDonagh reflects on the blurred line that separates humans from animals from otherworldly beings, creating an alternate reality where are all forms of life are seen as equal. Reminiscent of creatures such as dragons, griffins and centaurs,  these new imaginary creatures take their own place within traditional folkloric backgrounds, rich with symbology and mythical elements.  By mixing fact and fable in Fabulous Beasts, McDonagh comments on the precarious balance between life and death, chaos and peace, and good and evil, universally present in the myths of diverse lands, cultures and histories.


#11. KOWLOON MARKET // Dan Martelock






Last year I had constructed two “walls” out of barn board where the
community was encouraged to spray paint the “walls with water based
spray paint in the parking lot of Shanghai Restaurant.

This year I have taken those walls apart and cut them down to 24”x 24”
and 30”x30” so that they can be displayed in one of the venues in
Chinatown for Chinatown remixed 2016 as art pieces, where the
community that painted them last year can enjoy them as displayed art
this year.


#12. SHIRAZ // Claude Chapdelaine






I have been painting for more than 30 years but have only recently enjoyed showing my work to the general public.  I like painting allegory themes in stylized form.  I like to push the envelope on how to tell hidden stories on canvas.  I like to use bold colours and strong wavy lines to accentuate and define my themes where balance exist.  I like to think that nature plays a large part in how I use them to frame my layouts and settings.  The themes that I tend to explore in my artwork revolve around: family and genealogy, life’s journeys through historical events and mythologies, urban and wilderness lifestyles, and most of all humanity, when it comes to love and its consequences


#13. LITTLE LATIN AMERICA // Improbable Treasures Group Show





Improbable Treasures – a group collage art show featuring works by:

Regreta Brown http://www.regretabrown.com/
Michelle Casey http://www.collageyourworld.com/portfolio.htm
Kristina Corre http://kristinacorre.com/
Olivia Johnston http://www.oliviajohnston.com/not-enough-time/
Tahini Moitra http://www.tahinisaucecollage.ca/
Ella Sab https://www.instagram.com/ellasabo/
Annie Taylor http://annietaylor.ca/

Collected treasures, found images, daily detritus, imbued meanings, and a full spectrum of approaches to the medium including handcut collage, assemblage, scanography, and entirely digital works will be presented side by side with the everyday treasures of a Latin American grocery shop.

Curated by Kristina Corre


#14. DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY CENTRE // Ottawa School of Art Kids








#15. DOUBLE HAPPINESS // Nate Nettleton






Nate Nettleton is an artist living and working in Ottawa.  Nate has shown his work across Ontario, and has recently been featured in Canadian and American art publications. Ideas and concepts explored within his paintings and sculptural work include movements & natural forces and the formations they create, as well as producing physical representations of invisible happenings.


#16. KAASHI // Joejene C. Santos






My works have evolved from realism to non-figurative form or abstract. I see this shift as a creative challenge in the discovery of one’s creative expression or “Creative Identity”. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University in 1996. As a student, I was actively involved in different visual arts groups and participated in various art exhibitions which further developed my passion as an artist. I held different artist roles including art instructor, children’s art workshop facilitator, graphic artist, book illustrator and theme park designer. These jobs brought me to different places in the Philippines and the Middle East before I came here to Canada in 2006. Since then I worked my way back to painting while holding a full time job as a newcomer to a foreign country.


#17.  MY SWEET TEA // Valerie C. Burton






Educated in photography in Toronto, Canada, Valerie received the first Master of Fine Arts degree with a major in photography ever granted in Ontario. She has been a fine art and commercial photographer since that time, working in Canada and in France. Directing a gallery of photographic art, The Burton Gallery in Toronto, she curated one of the first spaces in Canada dedicated solely to contemporary photography. She was an instructor of still photography at Ryerson Polytechnical University and Humber College in Toronto as well as at Tufts University in France and Parsons School of Design, Paris. In 1995, Valerie wrote and illustrated an instructional book of photography for children, that was a best seller in Canada and was also used as a text for adult students. She has exhibited widely, in Canada and internationally, and her work is featured in many public and private art collections


#18. PURPLE URCHIN // Ben Woodyard






Benjamin Woodyard is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Ottawa’s Chinatown. Using a variety of media Woodyard explores existential questions through a humorous lens. On display at Purple Urchin will be figurative pottery, screen-printed shirts, and comics. All works will be for sale through the artist.







Shanghai Parking Lot

Dj Octorok


May-Jun Li // Performance

Torin Sollows – Hula Hoop

SmilyOm Yoga – Acro Yoga

The TaskMasters // Performance

Farmer Doug – Stand UP FARM


Collin White

Bio: Colin has been freelancing as an illustrator in Ottawa since 2006, and has held three solo exhibits as well as participated in a number of group shows. Colin received a BFA from Concordia and an MA from the London College of Printing, where he focused his work on graphic travelogue. Colin’s illustrations have been printed in various publications, including: Ottawa Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, Apartment613, Herd Mag & more. 

Statement: Windows & Doors of Chinatown. This is an installation done on sidewalks in Chinatown using stencils and spray chalk. The focus of this series is small and simple: portraits of windows and doors across Chinatown, located close to the sketching location. The stencils will be created with a chalk that quickly decays in weather, reminiscent of the decay found in architecture itself. Windows & Doors will be a small walking tour, drawing attention to details in everyday architecture that may go unnoticed.